A Camp Cooks guide to tasty vittles
by Patty Ruwoldt

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About (Biography)

Patty was born in Germany. She immigrated with her parents to Canada when she was very young and then to the United States. She has lived primarily in the Western part of the U.S., Utah, Wyoming and Colorado,

however has traveled extensively.  Her home today is in Larkspur, Colorado where she resides on a ranch with her wonderful husband, 3 dogs, 2 well sometimes more cats,  8 horses, 2 goats, and endless wildlife. There is always a story around the LoneMesaRanch. Whether it is a mountain lion lurking in the rocks or Elk grazing on the horses hay or coyotes hovering around the Mesas, it is a lifestyle that she loves.


Patty works for a Mortgage insurance company as a Risk Manager.  Her career has spanned almost 3 decades in the financial industry. She has seen a lot of changes in the Real Estate market as well as the financial industry however she feels that much is cyclical and just like fashion things come back in vogue. Just exercise patience.


Her love of cooking started when she was 7 years Old.  Her mother was a career women and needed help so she taught Patty how to cook.  It came natural to her and she has never feared being in the kitchen. Her love of the outdoors probably started about the same time. The two just went hand in hand.


She has one son and one granddaughter, both of which are her big joys. Her granddaughter is a “girly” girl and likes bling just like her grandma Patty.  Savannah  is already asking her Grandma to help in the kitchen. Another tradition is born. The Cycle continues.


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